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-got a pretty lil' mouth underneath all the foamin'-

This journal is mostly friends only. I tend to friend you back if I've met you in real life, or you introduce yourself.

Bio: Sort-of-Goth motorcycle riding metalhead who indulges passions for lemon meringue pie and science (although not necessarily at the same time), who has a PhD in biophysics, and who spent a long time doing research into arthritis and joint disease, but who now spends his days as a director of R&D at a medical charity. [personal profile] drpete has a thing about tinkering with the innermost workings of motorcycles, and enjoys watching bike racing and thrashing his red Kawasaki in bouts of high speed, adrenaline fuelled, backlane tomfoolery. He does track days, but realises he's never going to beat anyone seriously good, but still enjoys stuffing his bike up the inside of larger bikes in corners and having a casual disregard for his own safety. When not on his bike, he enjoys cycling around, and generally making a nuisance of himself - especially to pedestrian nuns, whom he has been known to occasionally (and accidentally) run over. He has eclectic musical taste which ranges from absolute noise to sweet melody, he enjoys live music of all sorts, and nights at dodgy nightclubs. DrPete isn't fussy about food and eats most things, but really has a thing about Sushi and Nigiri, Curry, Seafood, good ol' English roasts, and the sort of steaks that a good vet could get walking. When not eating, he drinks almost anything he can lay his hands on, and enjoys convivial nights out eating food and getting drunk with his marvellous friends. Naturally and irrepressably inquisitive, DrPete has a great desire to know how things work, and has, in his time, examined (and often destroyed) many items in the pursuit of the magic "ahaa!". This means that he reads enthusiastically and insatiably, and enjoys getting his nose in to all kinds of literature ranging from hard SF to classics to hard science and technical stuff. DrPete enjoys cooking things, and is cultivating a healthy interest in his carrot cake recipe, which he's told is very nice indeed. Having recently achieved the age where life is rumoured to begin, DrPete has announced a desire to have a mid-life crisis. Having participated in many dangerous pursuits and ridden fast and powerful motorcycles, DrPete has now taken to the air; flying, he says, is just like riding a fast and powerful motorcycle - but in three dimensions and at the mercy of the wind. Being as inquisitive as he is, DrPete enjoys indulging his ulterior motive whilst flying - that is examining the dwellings of the rich and famous in Herts and Bucks from 1500 feet. Speaking of dangerous pursuits, DrPete has also recently acquired a chainsaw. You should be worried. No, really! He is most fortunate to be the future husband of [personal profile] margotmetroland, although, disappointingly, tends not to reveal too many gory details about himself on LJ.

'Into this wild abyss the wary fiend
Stood on the brink of hell and looked a while
Pondering his voyage'

John Milton, Paradise Lost. Book II.

If you need to contact [personal profile] drpete his contact details are in a friends locked post in his memories, which you can find here.

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